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We are on a mission to create an inclusive culture that is anchored in employee development, builds future leaders and provides the resources to support all employees to reach their career potential.

Our mandate is to serve appointed staff across the University, focusing on building the professional skills that enable employees to meet their career goals so they can support the University’s bold vision of the future.

The foundation of all our services and offerings are the University's Institutional Competencies. They are the benchmark behaviours for all employees regardless of their role or level. They ensure our collective success by acting as a guiding light in how we show up and connect with each other.

Institutional Competencies

Self: Act with integrity, respect and in accordance with the university’s values; be accountable; develop your self-awareness; be engaged in your work and intentional in support of your department/division/faculty/organizational goals; identify gaps in EDI knowledge and take active steps to self-educate and incorporate/apply learning into the workplace.

People: Coach, nurture and develop talent; communicate openly; ensure employees feel valued; act authentically; be aware of the impact of your actions; create inclusive spaces that validate different experiences, talent, perspectives and needs. Demonstrate fairness and equity and create a sense of belonging for U of T community members.

Strategic: Take a long-term view; identify and evaluate emerging trends; create strategies for department/division/faculty/organizational success. Demonstrate a commitment to advance and take action on institutional commitments, priorities and initiatives that embed EDI.

Demonstrate responsiveness to institutional EDI initiatives, priorities, and processes within strategic planning and day-to-day operations; contribute to the shared responsibility of creating a culture of inclusivity, care, and belonging; prioritize EDI education to increase understanding and competencies in fostering equitable and inclusive spaces.

Be service-oriented; work co-operatively with your team, and across departments, divisions and faculties to generate positive outcomes and inclusive excellence. Build respectful and reciprocal relationships within and across teams to build generative partnerships.

Act as a guardian of the university’s goals/brand; promote positive impact on our communities; use university resources responsibly and sustainably; administer effectively and efficiently.

Seek improvements; challenge the status quo; be flexible, open, and champion meaningful change; exercise critical thinking; prioritize community impact; strive for inclusive excellence.

Our Services​

Learning & LMS

Learning that fuels your professional success.


Employee development is a joint effort between employees and their people leader.


Leading people is a significant milestone in person’s career. It’s a rich experience, but also a challenging one.


Mentoring is a type of exposure learning activity that is most effective when you are competent in role.


Coaching helps identify strengths to build on and any behaviours or mindsets that have been invisible barriers to peak potential.


The LLC can provide advice, direction, and support in the areas of instructional design, performance consulting and development planning.

Beyond learning

A quarterly newsletter by LLC

Linda Hills

Linda Hills

Director, LLC

It’s an exciting time to be working in PSEC at the University of Toronto.  With the spotlight on Talent Management, and with the digital transformation underway to support it, a better experience is on the way for all employees. 

At the Centre for Learning, Leadership, and Culture we are delighted to be a part of this journey.  In response to the review completed in August, 2017, we are relaunching our offer with a sharp focus on leadership and the competencies that everyone needs to be successful, regardless of where they work or what their role is.  We have taken a fresh look at the entire development process, and are proposing solutions that go beyond the classroom to help people meet their career objectives.

We are at the beginning our journey, but we’ll be updating our offerings regularly and will keep you informed as the new learning and development options become available.

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