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  • Register by May 26th
  • Virtual Session June 1st
  • Management and Supervision - The Crucial Skills
Shannon Thompson

Pre-recorded Content & Virtual Session

  • Register by May 27th
  • Virtual Session June 2nd
  • Understanding People's Styles to Make Getting Along Easier
Shannon Thompson

Pre-recorded Content & Virutal Session

  • Register by May 28th
  • Virtual Session June 4th
  • Project Management Bootcamp
Anita Brisson

Pre-recorded Content & Virtual Session

  • Register by May 29th
  • Virtual Session June 5th
  • Working LEAN
Anita Brisson

Pre-recorded Content & Virtual Session

  • June 11th
    June 16th
  • Powerful Business Writing
Mila Naimark

Virtual Session

  • June 4th
  • June 18th
  • Reconciliation: Walking the Path of Indigenous Allyship
John Croutch

Virtual Session

  • June 3rd
  • June 10th
  • June 17th
  • Talk Resume
  • Talk Interview
  • Talk Cover Letters
Beverly Kahn

Virtual Session

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Linkedin Learning Resources for Remote Work

Free access for U of T staff using single sign-on. Maximize productivity while working remotely and managing your team.

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What's New

A curated catalogue​​

Our catalogue is organized by the competencies and skills that you need to succeed at U of T.  To provide more options, we’re partnering with the School of Continuing Studies and LinkedIn Learning; curating the courses to make searching for what you need easier.  You’ll also notice that some offerings have moved beyond the classroom. Click below to learn more.

Robust software training from LinkedIn Learning

Microsoft and Adobe Training at your fingertips!  With LinkedIn’s robust technical training modules you can go from novice to expert without leaving your desk.  LinkedIn Learning offers essentials training to give you the basics in all MS Office products, as well as dedicated sessions for more advanced features such as pivot tables and functions.  The entire Adobe suite is also available, so whether you want InDesign or Photoshop – everything you need is at your fingertips.   As we have moved to the LinkedIn Learning platform for Microsoft & Adobe training, we have wound down in-class training on these software modules.

Preview our Leadership Development Model​​

Leading people is a significant milestone in people’s careers.  It’s a rich experience, but also a challenging one. So, in addition to a Management learning stream that covers the important processes & tasks in the employee lifecycle, we are building a Leadership stream, which focuses on what it means to be a U of T People Leader. To preview what this will look like, click below to learn more.

A fresh approach to employee development

We see development as a partnership between you and your manager:  You own your career;  your manager is your thinking partner and opportunity provider, supporting you to reach your career potential. We want to enhance our approach so that you and your manager are having more frequent, and more informal development discussions about how you are doing and where you are going.  For more information, click below to learn more.

Linda Hills

Linda Hills

Director, LLC

It’s an exciting time to be working in HR & Equity at the University of Toronto.  With the spotlight on Talent Management, and with the digital transformation underway to support it, a better experience is on the way for all employees. 

At the Centre for Learning, Leadership, and Culture we are delighted to be a part of this journey.  In response to the review completed in August, 2017, we are relaunching our offer with a sharp focus on leadership and the competencies that everyone needs to be successful, regardless of where they work or what their role is.  We have taken a fresh look at the entire development process, and are proposing solutions that go beyond the classroom to help people meet their career objectives.

We are at the beginning our journey, but we’ll be updating our offerings regularly and will keep you informed as the new learning and development options become available.