Coaching at U of T

What is Coaching?​

When many of us think of coaching, we think in terms of an athlete coach, who provides feedback and advice as the method of ensuring peak performance.

Coaching in a professional environment is exactly the opposite!

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

A seasoned coach asks thought-provoking questions to help clients look inward for solutions and ways forward that are authentic to them.  It helps the client identify the strengths they can build on and any behaviours or mindsets that have been invisible barriers to peak potential.

A coach is NOT an advisor.  They do not provide guidance on how to solve problems.  The coach focuses on the person, not problems.  The end result is a solution or progress that comes from the client, and from within, so they achieve their potential in the way that’s right for them.

A good coach knows that a client already has everything they need, and they need everything they have to meet their potential.

How to engage a coach ​

The coaching sessions are held in the strictest confidence. 

At no time, does the coach report back to the manager.  The coaching sessions are held in the strictest confidence.  The manager should be looking for changes in behaviours and mindsets as a way of evaluating the effectiveness of the development exercise.

Who should get a coach and when?

The short answer is just about anyone can benefit from a coach. There are no hard and fast rules about when to do it.  In the past, coaches tended to only work with executives, but the movement is towards anyone in a people leadership position at any level, or in an intermediate to senior individual contributor role accessing a coach.  Because the focus of the coaching is on developing the person, work experience is necessary to provide context to the discussions and make the coaching effective.

What is the LLC’s role?

We act as a “matchmaker” between employees and seasoned, effective, professional, ICF certified coaches.  As a member of the International Coaching Federation, the Director of the LLC has curated a roster of experienced coaches who are put forward for employee interviews.

We have curated a roster of BIPOC coaches who can work with the specific need of our BIPOC employees.

Once a match is made, we step out.  However, we are always available to discuss anything about the engagement.

Practical information

Some key information to be aware of as you consider whether a coach is right for you:

It is a significant time commitment

While the coach and employee tend to meet once every two weeks, there is always “homework” which is critical to the process, and it takes time and thought.

The recommended coaching engagement timeframe is 6 months

It takes time to build new habits, behaviours and mindsets. It took thirty, forty, fifty years to create the old ones – they don’t go away overnight.

Coaching is expensive

Expect an hourly rate of between $150 to $250/hr for an experienced coach, and between $250 and $500/hr for an executive-level coach.  Often there will be assessments added to the cost, which form the basis of the discussions.

On average, a 6 month coaching contract (meeting every two weeks) with assessments costs between $5000 and $6000, and closer to $10,000 for executive coaches.  The costs for this are the responsibility of the employee’s department.

Roster of Coaches

Brenda Van Rossum (BIPOC)

Leadership Coach – The Forton Group Ltd

Karen Natasha & Associates (BIPOC)

Karen Natasha Coaching

David Oliver

The Minerva way – Breakout thinking

Lynne Protain (BIPOC)

Mental Wellness & Mindfulness Coach 

Dominic Scaffaldi

Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Management Coaching

Maggie di Stasi

Maggie DiStasi Coaching

Dr. Floyd Spence (BIPOC)

Orest Zwozdesky (BIPOC)

Jim Nevins

LMC International

Shauna Vassell (BIPOC)

Koncave Coaching & Consulting

Jane Gaynor

Gain Your Edge Coaching


For more information, or to request the services of a coach, please contact Linda Hills, Director of the

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