Consulting Services

We recognize that not all our employees’ learning needs can be met by the LLC’s offerings. Many departments need to create learning solutions when they implement new systems, processes and other initiatives. The LLC can provide advice, direction, and support in the areas of instructional design, performance consulting and development planning.

Instructional Design

Helping you create departmental learning solutions

We partner with you to understand what outcomes you are looking for from the learning solution, and then support you as you create it by advising on the design process, design best practices, and providing feedback as you progress. We can also recommend design solutions – whether that’s designing in-class, online or blended solutions, or advise on the most effective approach (build internally vs. purchase a solution).

Should you prefer to work with an outside instructional design firm, we have a wide network of highly experienced providers we can put you in touch with, as well as support you through the contracting and engagement phases.

When it comes to building an internal learning solution, the LLC has an approach and dedicated resources to guide and support you and your team during the design, development, implementation, evaluation and sustainment phases.


A reference guide organized for each phase of the instructional design approach. This guide is a supplementary resource that supports our partnership with you.

We have a very user-friendly e-learning design tool. An Articulate 360 license is available for you to use at no cost, to develop your elearning solutions.

Our Role in the Partnership:

The LLC is here to consult on the learning solution’s instructional design, and provide resources to support its development (resource guide, e-learning development tool, other documentation), however we do not have the resources to assume responsibility for the development (creation) of non-LLC solutions.


For more information on partnering on an instructional design initiative, please contact

Bill Brennan, Assistant Director and Leadership Development –

Emily Heinecke, Learning Consultant –

Performance Consulting

The University is committed to attracting and retaining the best talent and to be an employer of choice. The LLC supports this goal in a number of ways. We are currently building the process, tools and supports that people leaders will need to have rich conversations with their employees about their performance and development. The first step, the performance assessment cycle, is already in place and is a key part of that effort. The conversations that accompany this cycle are the most important element of the process.

Although performance assessments are formally scheduled only once a year, conversations around performance, both positive and constructive are more effective when they take place regularly. We see a future with more frequent, and informal conversations, where people leaders and employees work together to celebrate positive achievements and find alternative options when a course correction is necessary.

For those people leaders with unionized staff, you are encouraged to engage in the same on-going, informal conversations, as everyone wants to share in the celebration of things that have gone well, and find better ways to meet challenges. It’s important for people leaders to keep in mind that while the collective agreement covers compensation adjustments for unionized employees, they still have career aspirations and supporting their performance is key to them meeting their goals.


To help managers have productive performance assessment and feedback conversations, the LLC has created a series of five videos, with four accompanying fillable workbooks. These resources provide practical tips as well as a clear outline around how to structure and engage in the conversation.

These performance consulting resources can be found on the LMS here.

If after watching the video series you require additional support, please contact

Linda Hills, Director of Learning and Leadership –

Bill Brennan Assistant Director and Leadership Development –

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