Workplace Culture at U of T

An inclusive culture anchored in employee development. That’s the goal.

The Development cycle Plan

We need to rethink how managers and employees work together to build talent for our future. Employees are responsible for their career, but they cannot achieve their goals without the support of their managers. We believe everyone wins when employees plot their path, and managers support the opportunities to build the skills necessary using our growing catalogue of development opportunities.

Leveraging our Experience, Exposure and Education approach, managers can discuss options with employees who strive to realize their career aspirations.

Frequent & Informal Conversations

We see a future with more frequent, and informal conversations, so that managers are in touch with not only what their employees’ career aspirations, but also able to refine and adjust development goals and plans as necessary. It is these regular interactions, understood, valued and repeated by everyone for that actually make it a culture.

A culture of development: Everybody wins.

Developing your team is great for them, for you, and the University of Toronto.  Doors open to opportunities for employees who have strong development plans and outcomes.   They move on to the next stage of their careers, bringing with them the rich experiences and institutional knowledge they have accumulated in previous roles.  The University as a whole benefits by the increase in talent retention and the creation of pipelines to fill future gaps.  When managers take an institutional view of development, not only do they experience the genuine satisfaction of supporting someone’s career, they are supporting the future of the University.