Federated Colleges
LMS Access support

LMS support for affiliated federated colleges & hospitals.

The federated universities represent separate legal entities with their own independent boards. They appoint their own staff and own their own buildings but their Arts and Science teaching staff, curriculum and students are an integral part of the Faculty of Arts and Science of the University. They are:

Fully-Affiliated Hospitals/Research Institutes are also affiliated with the U of T.

LMS Access

The SuccessFactors LMS host a variety of courses for U of T staff and faculty. As an affiliate from a federated college, you now have access to the roster of courses available. Please note the login link to the LMS is different from what U of T staff use, so please bookmark the link highlighted below for your access to the portal.

This is your access link to the LMS portal.


Reach out below for any technical issues you may experience.


Your HR department will provide you more information on the selection of courses from LLC that are useful to attend.

New Hires

  • When hired, your HR department would provide LLC your details to be entered into the LMS.
  • You will then receive a password reset to complete that would give you access to the portal after 24 hours.


  • Please note there are fees associated with most of the LLC sessions.
  • There are no fees for technical sessions such as HRIS/RIS/FIS.
  • There are no fees for online self-paced modules.
  • Please avoid registering for department specific courses such has Hart House/ Food services/KPE etc.

Access direct links

If you receive an email with a direct link to course, you need to log into the portal first and then click the link in the email or website make sure to use the same browser. 
If not, the link will not take you to the course. Alternatively, you can search for the course in the catalog itself.

Recover/reset lost credentials


Your username, which is formatted as UT+6 digits, will be located in your initial password reset email you have received when you were entered into the LMS.

If you do forget or need to resest your credentials, please click on forgot username/password field and follow the instructions to reset.

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