LinkedIn Learning for Staff & Faculty at UofT

LinkedIn Learning Access

University of Toronto (U of T) staff and faculty can access LinkedIn Learning, an online learning resource with high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized experts.

Using your UTORid to log in, you can choose from thousands of courses and tutorial videos that cover a wide range of topics, including business, leadership, professional skills, information technology, software and design. Completed courses can be added to your learning history in the SuccessFactors learning management system.

Important License information

Please make sure to maintain your access to the LinkedIn Learning. Inactive and dormant accounts will be removed and you will loose your learning history indefinitely.

To prevent a loss of your course learning history, please use the attached resource guide to record your completions to your Learning History on the LMS. For assistance, or for any questions, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I access LinkedIn Learning courses?

    Direct access to LinkedIn Learning courses is available via the U of T web login to LinkedIn Learning.

What are some features of LinkedIn Learning?

U of T staff and instructors will be able to benefit from the following features available on LinkedIn Learning:

    • Unlimited access to courses on a wide variety of technologies and disciplines
    • Up-to-date content to keep skills current and learn new skills while working remotely
    • Exercises and activities to follow along while learning
    • Mobile application access
    • Optional integration with an existing LinkedIn Learning account and/or U of T professional learning records (SuccessFactors)
  1. What are some example topics I can explore?

    There are more than 16,000 courses available through LinkedIn Learning. Examples include:

    • Office365 essential training
    • WordPress essential training
    • Time management fundamentals
    • Structuring an effective presentation
    • Leadership
    • Equity, diversity and inclusion
    • Project management
    • Enhancing team innovation

    There is also a selection of recommended courses in the “Learning, Leadership and Culture” catalogue that align to U of T’s organizational competencies.

  2. Where can I get support?

    If you need assistance using this resource, please visit the LinkedIn Learning help site or contact

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